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Just Play Football Camps

Just Play Football Camps

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the camps have full contact practices?

Just Play conducts “controlled contact football camps.” Athletes will engage in contact, however, plays are whistled dead before athletes are taken to the ground.

What equipment do I need?

  • “Controlled Contact” Day camps require shoulder pads, helmets and cleats.
  • Athletes are free to bring their own equipment to camp.
  • If athletes do not have their own equipment, Just Play has equipment available for rent. Helmets and shoulder pads can be rented individually or in combination.

How is the supervision at camp?

Just Play requires all athletes attending a camp to be signed in at the beginning of each day by a parent/guardian and signed out by the designated parent/guardian prior to departure. This ensures the safety of the athlete while he/she is attending a Just Play camp.

How can I become a volunteer counselor?

Our counselor positions are on a first come first serve basis for our overnight and commuter camps. Once an athlete registers for a specific camp, a confirmation packet will be emailed. One of the forms included in the confirmation packet is the Counselor Staff volunteer form. Simply fill out the form and send it back by mail, email or fax.

* Counselor Staff are available for overnight camps only.

Can parents watch practice?

Yes, parents are encouraged to watch any practice they would like.

Is this camp for all ages and levels of football?

Just Play Football Camps will benefit athletes of all ages and skill level. Proper fundamentals and techniques are essential for the development of all athletes on every level.

*For children under the age of 8 years old, Just Play requires that a parent/guardian be present for the entire camp to ensure there are no disruptions from children who are not used to this type of physical activity and structure.

Is this camp suitable for athletes who have never played football?

Just Play Football Camps is an excellent camp for athletes of all skill levels to attend. Just Play prides itself on focusing on the proper football fundamentals first. An experienced player will leave camp a much better player than before he arrived. A player who has never played before will leave camp with the confidence needed to move forward with football in the fall.